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The main reason that you can hardly quit smoking is your body is addicted to nicotine oxide, which is produced from burning cigarette or tobacco.

Nicotine oxide is not the main cause of smoking-related health problems. Harmful chemicals produced from burning tobacco and rolling paper are.

Cig Genie can help you to get nicotine oxide from cigarette without combustion, so you can get the nicotine buzz without inhaling harmful smoke.

The general medical position is that nicotine itself poses few health risks, except among certain vulnerable groups.

A 2016 Royal College of Physicians report found "nicotine alone in the doses used by smokers represents little if any hazard to the user".



Half of long-term smokers will die from tobacco. Every cigarette smoked cuts at least five minutes of life on average - about the time taken to smoke it.
Smoking is the single largest preventable cause of disease and premature death. It is a prime factor in heart disease, stroke and chronic lung disease.
It can cause cancer of the lungs, larynx, oesophagus, mouth, and bladder, and contributes to cancer of the cervix, pancreas, and kidneys.
Lung cancer is the deadliest form of cancer, killing more people than breast, colon and prostate cancer combined.
More than 4,000 toxic or carcinogenic chemicals have been found in tobacco smoke.
One British survey found that nearly 99% of women did not know of the link between smoking and cervical cancer.
One survey found that 60% of Chinese adults did not know that smoking can cause lung cancer while 96% were unaware it can cause heart disease.
At least a quarter of all deaths from heart diseases and about three-quarters of world's chronic bronchitis are related to smoking.
Smoking-related diseases cost the United States more than $150 billion a year.

Source: World Health Organization

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