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How to Use Cig Genie

For cigarette vaping, insert cigarette into the vaporization chamber, preheat the top part of the cigarette evenly with 3/4" tall flame for about 40 seconds.

Watch as the cigarette changes color, and taste the vapor. The vapor tastes different as the temperature raises before combustion.

Keep heating and adjust inhaling speed and flame size to get the best taste from the vapor. Higher temperature will produce denser vapor and stronger flavor.

If you overheat, the cigarette will combust, if this happens, stop inhaling and heating, wait for the cigarette to cool off.

You only need to vape 1/3 cigarette to get a buzz. save the rest for later. The filter will reduce much vapor flavor, don't use it.

For tobacco vaping, pack the tobacco tight enough in the middle part of the vaporization chamber, so it will not slide while inhaling.

For conduction vaping, heat the tobacco spot to boil nicotine. For convection vaping, heat the spot 1/2" in front of tobacco to produce hot air to boil nicotine.

For oxi vaping, pack tobacco the same way, preheat the tobacco to produce vapor, then heat the spot 1/2" behind of tobacco to a higher temperature to produce nicotine oxide.

Nicotine oxide and nicotine vapor will give you a different buzz. THC oxide and THC vapor will give you a different high. Learn more about oxi vaping at oxidation vaporizer.

Always push in or pull out the glass tube from the flexible connector, bending or twisting will damage the glass.

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