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The Mechanism

The cig genie consists of 3 parts, the vaporization chamber, flexible connector, the mouthpiece.

The inside diameter of the vaporization chamber matches all king size, 100's and 120's cigarettes diameter.

The wall thickness of the vaporization chamber is just right for the best heat conducting speed to perform vaporization.

The transparent vaporization chamber allows the user to control the temperature by visualizing the color changing of the cigarette.

Tobacco vapor tastes profoundly better than smoke. Without combustion, there is no ash, no tar and no harmful chemicals will be produced.

Once a smoker tasted nicotine vapor and find out how easy and healthier is to vape, there is a very good chance that he or she will quit smoking.

For smokers that had to smoke, smoke a cigarette that is inside of the vaporization chamber will be fire proof and less pollution.

A burning cigarette inside of the vaporization chamber will die out in seconds without keeping smoking it, this may save usage.

Patent pending number 62477415

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